Wedding cake I made for my friends Rich and Air.

Wedding cake I made for my friends Rich and Air.


mini bumper car :)

mini bumper car :)

new year’s resolution / goals
  • get rid of 30-40% of stuff/clutter before may
  • lose 10 lbs by summer
  • finish at least 6 episodes of final melody in 2014
  • finish at least 10 episodes of vanity high in 2014
  • make at least 5 custom cakes in 2014


My Weekday Routine

- Get up at 6:30am and take my shower

- Wake up Zoe 

- Get Zoe ready for school

- Feed Zoe and Zeke breakfast/Eat my breakfast

- Drop off Zoe to the bus stop

- Go to work to help my mom (only Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays) // On Thursdays/Fridays, I work out (about 60 minutes)

- Do laundry (if needed) / Freetime/playtime (if time allows it, I work on my Sims machinima projects)

- Make lunch for Zeke / Clean up

- What’s for dinner? 

- Clean as much as possible

- Computer time

- Pick up Zoe

- Do homework with Zoe

- Cook dinner (5:30-6) / Sometimes I cook as early as 4 if I am expecting someone

- Dinner at 6:30

- Clean up/do dishes

- Give the kids a bath

- Get kids ready for bed/Storytime (if Josh isn’t home yet)

- Kids are in bed by 8:30

- After 8:30, spend time with hubby/work on my Sims project 

- Go to bed by 12 (sometimes later if I had manage to take a short nap during the day).

Just recently started watching “Pretty Little Liars”. Can’t stand it. I am about halfway through Season 1. The characters are so stupid and have no respect for themselves. I think my favorite liar is probably Hanna, but her mom is even dumber. Now I remember why I don’t watch these American teen dramas. Can’t stand the stupidity of these characters and the story seem to drag out. I am sticking to Anime drama.


Zoe Lee - Zoe's Song

My daughter, Zoe, wanted to sing, so she made up this song on the spot! haha.. so cute and funny.



エレン育ちの注意事項 by Lyy

(via sugar-pet)


(via sugar-pet)


Late post… My little boy is 4! 

Late post… My little boy is 4!